The Piping Systems division covers four market segments:

Heating systems

The modular combination of rigid plastic sheathed pipes with flexible distribution and house connection pipes to create the System packet Brugg Future is an essential success factor for cost-effective short distance district heating circuits. Our pipe systems also include service components.


We have more than 35 years experience in the transport of hazardous or flammable products. Our speciality is piping systems with double-walls, with inspection or monitoring facility, or with thermal insulation. We also manufacture special pipes to customers’ specifications.

Petrol stations

We supply customer-specific system packets from tank to filling pump. Corrugated pipe systems, double-walled with inspection facility or single-wall, as filling, suction and gas swing pipes, also gas for recycling.

System packages

We offer you complete pipe systems with connectors and fixtures for biogas plants. Also choose us as your partner for heat and cold exchangers with the matching connectors.

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